Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Monster Club On Thriller Video

I have seen The Monster Club on television, on DVD, on You Tube, on Netflix, Hulu, on Beta, and VHS, and it's possible there are formats I am forgetting, but my favorite way to watch The Monster Club is on the VHS tape I made from the Thriller Video VHS I copied from one VHS player to another in 1991 from a video I rented at Video Outlet. That was when video stores still existed. I remember how exasperated I used to make my first girlfriend by taking an hour, maybe two hours to look over videos she knew I had seen a dozen times. Back then to get a stack of videos and maybe a box of Milk Duds and disappear for a weekend was paradise. 

I will now retell in brief the story of the first time I saw The Monster Club. I believe in our area Elvira's Movie Macabre was shown on Friday night. I believe this to be so because I remember watching my favorite movie, Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things then going to run in a cross country meet at Stronghold Castle the next day. 

The Monster Club originally aired as episode 66 of Movie Macabre on February 6, 1983, and the reason I was probably allowed to choose what we viewed on the television that night was because the next day was my birthday. My father worked second shift, and if he didn't go out to the bar for a few drinks, which he normally did on Friday night, we'd get to watch Friday's or wrestling or Movie Macabre or whatever we decided on after the fistfight. I think Movie Macabre may have re-aired on Saturday or Sunday in the late morning. But I saw most of the episodes I remember on Friday night.

Most of the movies in Movie Macabre had a signature moment or character that made them memorable, but The Monster Club had so many it became an instant classic for me. The ending I know we saw with our uncle who stayed with us off and on, because we re-enacted that scene with the two ghouls in that cop car forever.

It may seem goofy now, but this was the one legitimately scary scene in the movie, and it happened at the very end. Another moment that I'll never forget was the first time I saw the Shadmock whistle.

This is the result of a Shadmock's whistle. I have since bought the book and will forever regret not making more of an effort to bid on the Dezz Skinn comic book that was handed out at the wrap party and signed by Vincent Price. I do have the French and English movie posters, and the Thriller Video and the soundtrack and I intend to get more memorabilia eventually but I'm sort of on to other things like vinyl records right now. 

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