Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Halloween Is a Very Dangerous Time For The Monster Club Collectors

As I sit here after doing my cardio workout for the night, I have one laptop tuned to Mexican dubbed episodes of kolchak: night stalker, and my VHS player playing Night of Dark Shadows. Both are Dan Curtis productions, and I saw a completely new to me Dan Curtis movie last week called The Norliss Files. It was clearly a parallel show to Night Stalker, but without the cheesy camp and yucks. I have already purchased three Thriller Video tapes today on Ebay, so t feel like the safest thing I can do the rest of the night is talk about Monster Club collectibles I do not yet possess in my collection. 

VHS and movie memorabilia collectors on Ebay save their best auctions for October, and sometimes the bidding gets out of hand. Speaking of, a copy of Thriller Video's The Human Duplicators, the only one I've ever seen for sale anywhere, is now in triple digits with two hours left. I haven't yet seen a Thriller Video hosted by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, go for over two hundred dollars yet, but I have a feeling this may be the first time, and at that price I'll just bow out and hope to find one later. 

The Monster Club by R Chetwynd Hayes 2013 reprint Valancourt Books

The Monster Club soundtrack on vinyl 

A1 –The Viewers (2) Monsters Rule O.K.
A2 –B. A. Robertson Sucker For Your Love
A3 –Night The Stripper
A4 –U.B.40* Valentino's Had Enough
A5 –The Pretty Things The Monster Club
B1 –John Williams (4) With The Douglas Gamley Orchestra* Pavane-faure
B2 –John Georgiadis Transylvanian Terrors
B3 –Georgiadis Ensemble* Vienna Blood
B4 –Alan Hawkshaw Ghouls Galore

B5 –The Viewers (2) Monsters Rule O.K. - Reprise

With the popularity of Stranger Things and that type of musical genre, this soundtrack should be a must listen to fans. I own it, and it's one of my prize possessions. This copy has been on Ebay for over $250 for three years now. I have seen it sell for nearly $200, but this might be just a little too much.

Side A consist of several contemporary English punk bands playing songs that are actually seen being performed in The Monster Club as buffers between the stories. Side B consists of the electronic music played during the stories, and listeners will of course note John Williams who also composed the Star Wars theme. 

I have room for more Monster Clun memorabilia in my collection, and probably my most sought after item is a graphic novel of the screenplay created by British comic book artists John Bolton and Dezz Skinn. 

Maybe next Halloween. 

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