Friday, October 7, 2016

Raddies, Shaddies, and Maddies, Oh My!

As explained by the vampire Aramus, portrayed by Vincent Price, to the horror writer R Chetwynd Hayes, played by veteran horror actor John Carradine, the monster's genealogy is quite simple: "There are your primate monsters: vampires, werewolves, and ghouls..."

From there things get a little murky, as monsters interbreed with the primate monsters, their offspring, and even humans. The results are almost always disastrous, but they will do it.

Shaddies lick, Maddies yawn, and Raddies blow, but Shadmocks only whistle. But back to Shaddies, Maddies, and Raddies. What do they look like? We had an expert police sketch artist brought in to imagine it, and this is what he came up with.

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The only known images of a Raddy, a Shaddy, and a Maddy from The Monster Club. 

Although Raddies, Shaddies, and Maddies make it into the book The Monster Club, by R Chetwynd Hayes, aside from this reference to them by Vincent Price, they aren't in the movie at all. That we know of. In the third story in the movie, the village of ghouls, it's possible there might be some Raddies, Shaddies, and Maddies, and of course it's always possible some of the monsters in the Monster Club could be Maddies, but we don't know that from the film itself, the script, or the credits. No Raddies are credited. 

Perhaps a sequel to The Monster Club is in order. Certainly a plethora of lesser movies have been remade. The results are almost always disastrous, but they will do it. I'm still waiting for the remake of Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things Tom Savini was supposedly working on. but maybe that's never coming.

Will we see any of the hybrid monsters this Halloween? It doesn't seem likely with all the creepy clowns and Harley Quinns, but I'd give a kid a whole bowl of candy if they showed up in full Maddie makeup. 

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